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It is hard to believe that is has been over fifteen years since I first set foot in Rwanda with the purpose of investigating the possibilities of building a training center and school for Rwanda Youth for Christ. I came away from that investigative trip totally convinced that, with God’s help, Builders Without Borders could return to provide buildings and infrastructure for extremely deserving Christian charitable organizations.

Today, with the help of many individuals, churches, and other partnerships, we were able to complete our most ambitious projects to date. I truly believe God has only cracked open the door of possibilities and eagerly look forward to the many projects and opportunities that are coming to us now. We can not do it alone. We need your prayers, help, and contributions in order to turn these possibilities into realities.

I close with a favorite Bible verse:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

May God Bless,
Dan Dodrill, President
Builders Without Borders, Inc.



July 2017:  Nyamata, Rwanda. Africa New Life Ministries, Bugesera Secondary School. 3 classroom buildings 4,500 s/f each, one administration building 1,860 s/f. Construction Time: 14 Days.  (Photo Gallery)

July 2016:  Odobu, Uganda.  Global Refuge International Clinic. One building of 3,100 s/f.  Construction time 14 days. (Photo Gallery)

January 2015:  Rwamagana, Rwanda. Rwanda Youth For Christ Eastern Province School, Phase I. Three 3,800 s/f Classroom Buildings (total of 15 classrooms), and a 2,000 s/f Administration Building.  Construction time 14 days.  (Photo Gallery)

March 2014:  Fond Parisien, Haiti, Metal roofs for two agricultural buildings at the "Love A Child" compound.  Construction time 5 days.

September 2013:  Rwanda School Project, Kigali, Rwanda, 3-buillding (approx 3800 sf each), 15 total classrooms.  Construction time 13 days.  (Photo Gallery)

2012: Gitega, Burundi - The International Academy From The Ground Up (YouTube Video)

July 2011-November 2011: Burundi Youth for Christ, Gitega International Academy, 5-buillding, 19,800 square foot classroom and dormitories.  Construction time 21 days.  (Photo Gallery)

July 2009 - January 2010: Youth for Christ 2-story, 8,000 square foot Secondary School classroom building. Construction Time:  28 days. (Photo Gallery 1  and Photo Gallery 2)

June 2008: Computer lab for Kigali Christian School. Construction Time:  7 days  (Photo Gallery)

June 2006: Youth for Christ, Rwanda: Three 5642 square foot Secondary School Classrooms. Construction time: 14 days(Photo Gallery)

July 2005: Youth for Christ, Rwanda: Two 5642 square foot Primary School Classrooms. Construction time: 21 days. (Photo Gallery)

November 2004: Haitian American Friendship Foundation, Haiti: 800 square foot Medical Facility. Construction time: 8 days.  (Photo Gallery)

January 2003: Youth for Christ, Rwanda: 7000 square foot Youth Center. Construction time: 8 days  (Photo Gallery)


Daniel Dodrill
Kevin Mirner
Tom Ashwill
David Flammia


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