Donations are the lifeblood of any charitable organization. Builders Without Borders, Inc., from the start of its inception in 2003 through the present, has been committed to operating with minimal overhead. This allows us to use 100% of your donation directly on the project that they are intended for.

How we do this is simple: We have a board of directors who are dedicated to this principle and many volunteers who donate their time and services so that we complete our projects and maintain this organization without any paid staff. The overhead we do incur is only to maintain our nonprofit corporate status vis-à-vis state filing fees and administrative fees associated with mailing donation receipts, printing itineraries and travel documents, etc.

Once again, the labor is all done by volunteers, not paid staff.

Whether it is a clinic in Haiti, a primary school building in Rwanda, or a refugee clinic in Uganda, we truly can not complete these projects without your support.

For our next project, we will be traveling to the Africa New Life Ministries School (dormatories and church building), in Kayonza, Rwanda, in July 2018. This trip still has unmet needs, so please consider donating or volunteering today! If you prefer your donation to be directed to this specific project, please specify "Africa New Life Ministries 2018" on your donation.

      • Prayer for this project, volunteers, donors, and for safe travel
      • 50 volunteers to travel to Rwanda to build 2 dormatories (4,650 s/f each) and a church (5,700 s/f). Volunteer cost of trip is $2,600 USD.
      • Donations for the cost of building supplies and shipping of approximately $375,000 USD.


Ways to donate:

U.S. Mail
Volunteer Your Time

You can donate online using Paypal, which provides trusted online security for your donation. Simply click the button below and fill in how much you would like to give.

Send donations to the following address:

Builders Without Borders
5961 Northland Road, Suite 1
Fort Myers, FL 33905

Donate your time on one of our project trips and experience the joy of true giving firsthand.

You may view our sponsor/donor regulation certificate here.